The security concept used by Yes Sir!® to protect against misuse of the online booking system has proven itself internationally in 16 years of practice. Thus, the platform has an invisible safety net in the booking process for language experts and clients. A multi-level security system intervenes in the event of suspected misuse.


Language experts are verified by Yes Sir!®.
All certificates and qualifications regarding language skills mentioned in the profile are checked by Yes Sir!® and marked as verified.

In case of a request to a not yet verified language expert the following applies:
The client can ask for proof of language skills directly in the request via the Notifications field as a condition, and specify a deadline.

The language expert can simply send the proof directly to the client via Yes Sir!®.

Clients are verified by Yes Sir!®.
The status of the client’s verification is displayed after the client’s name.

When quoting to a client who has not yet been verified:
The language expert can request payment in advance directly in the offer via the field Messages as conditions and specify a deadline.

The client can select the agreed payment method with one click and confirm his booking:

a) Directly to the language expert
b) Via Yes Sir!® This service includes the monitoring of the timely receipt of payment, currency conversion fees and international bank transfer fees. (The PAYMENT SOLUTION fee is 6% for the language expert).

Order with arrival

Female interpreters are offered to be accompanied by phone to their car after the assignment at dusk.