Sup­port 0049251 – 9811575514

Your inter­preter and you can receive 24/​7 sup­port from our sup­port team.
In Ger­man or Eng­lish, or your inter­preter trans­lates. With­out fur­ther costs.

Our inter­preter finder also finds trans­la­tors (for text) and mul­ti­lin­gual experts.

Client and inter­preter agree on a day, time of day and place of meet­ing directly.

Inter­preter and client com­mu­ni­cate directly with each other via the Mes­sage Cen­ter within their pro­file.

In case of an emer­gency you can always reach our 24h sup­port, for exam­ple when inter­preter and client can’t find each other.

Clients can choose to pay via Pay­pal to Yes Sir or to pay directly to the inter­preter.

Inter­preters and clients ben­e­fit from our ser­vice for hotel reser­va­tions.

If cre­den­tials and cer­tifi­cates are pre­sented in a pro­file, they are checked and ver­i­fied by Yes Sir!

Legal author­i­ties such as courts and the police can request and agree on fees and travel expenses accord­ing tot he Ger­man law JVEG.

To trans­late doc­u­ments such as patient reports, con­tact an inter­preter and trans­la­tor or post a search request for free.

The sup­ply and demand bal­ance between client and con­trac­tor is impor­tant; that’s why we meet in per­son with the largest. Have a look at the Roadmap

An organ­is­ing inter­preter, our sup­port team and our city part­ners work together as a good team and cre­ate assis­tance plans for indi­vid­u­als, fam­i­lies as well as chil­dren.

We are equipped to work with dif­fer­ent time zones, con­sid­er­ing for exam­ple the con­ver­sion of the travel time and the dif­fer­ent response times dur­ing day/​night.

Team­work. Inter­preters and trans­la­tors can eas­ily form teams. Bundling capac­i­ties, find­ing strong part­ners and 5-​​star rat­ings are the goals of our com­mu­nity.

We rec­om­mend our city part­ners for air­port trans­fers, patient care as well as for help with travel and visa doc­u­ments.

We accom­pany you when it gets dark. Female inter­preters can call our sup­port and be accom­pa­nied to their car.

Organ­is­ing inter­preters take over tasks such as putting together a team for your con­fer­ence.