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my name is Nadja.

I was born and raised in Ger­many. After the Abitur (Ger­man school leav­ing exam­i­na­tion) I founded com­pa­nies in the fields of Online Ser­vices and Online Sales of phys­i­cal prod­ucts, events, design and leas­ing of apart­ments and worked in teams with up to 5 employ­ees and 35 free­lancers. I became flu­ent in Eng­lish through my job-​​related trav­els in the last 16 years and my inter­na­tional clients.

My tal­ent is my high appre­hen­sion in the areas that I work in on a daily basis as e.g. Mar­ket­ing, Admin­is­tra­tion, Nego­ti­a­tion, Cul­ture and Under­stand­ing of Law. There­fore you have a con­fi­dent inter­preter in me, who repro­duces in an under­stand­able, fast and appro­pri­ate way what has been said in Eng­lish or Ger­man.

Please inquire about vol­un­tary ser­vices, I enjoy to learn new things and am able to work under pres­sure. It’s easy for me to work with chil­dren and ado­les­cents. I com­pleted a one-​​year intern­ship at a home for dif­fi­cult and strung-​​out young­sters.

In case I can’t sup­port you myself, I can name some­one in our com­mu­nity or work in coop­er­a­tion with strong part­ners.

Areas of exper­tise:
IT & Soft­ware
Lan­guage teacher ENG -> GER
Real Estate
Media & Art
Human Resources

Other ser­vices:
Tele­phonic inter­pre­ta­tion
Local­iza­tion for Ger­many
Con­sul­tive inter­pre­ta­tion
Com­mu­nal inter­pre­ta­tion
Foreign-​​language guid­ing
Project Man­age­ment
Edi­to­r­ial ser­vices
Speech-​​to-​​text inter­pret­ing
Lan­guage teach­ing ENG -> GER
Trans­la­tion of web­sites and coor­di­na­tion if required for sev­eral lan­guages

Hemp For Help: Team­work Czech -> Eng­lish -> Ger­man, coor­di­na­tion of sev­eral lan­guages, trans­la­tions, writ­ing e.g. of SEO and pro­mo­tional texts through research­ing of rat­ings of sim­i­lar prod­ucts, tran­scre­ation e.g. poems and adver­tis­ing slo­gans, spell-​​checking e.g. before print­ing of pack­ag­ing, con­sul­tive inter­pre­ta­tion for the Ger­man mar­ket e.g. for a tele­sales guide­line for Ger­man cus­tomers
Sky­line GmbH: Team­work Ger­man -> Eng­lish, notar­ial sales agree­ment from Eng­lish to Ger­man in team­work
Do Lead: Trans­la­tion of web­site and coor­di­na­tion of sev­eral lan­guages, con­sul­tive inter­pre­ta­tion for the Ger­man mar­ket, tran­scre­ation e.g. slo­gans
Behr und Part­ner: Team­work Ger­man -> Eng­lish, trans­la­tion e.g. per­son­nel ques­tion­naire

Please feel free to ask your ques­tions before your enquiry via the link “Mes­sage” or imme­di­ately fill in the enquiry box. I have the pos­si­bil­ity to adjust the offer — if nec­es­sary -, thereby I put you in the best posi­tion for your deci­sion.

Reac­tion time
I will get back to you regard­ing your enquiry on the same day on work­days and within 24 hours on week­ends.

I am look­ing for­ward to sup­port­ing you with my lan­guage skills.

Kind regards

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basic   mother tongue   checked   sworn ?Sworn: In Ger­man courts, inter­preters must be “beei­digt, verei­digt” or “ermächtigt”, or autho­rized, an expres­sion that dif­fers accord­ing to the fed­eral state of Ger­many.
Basic hourly rate (gen­eral, see pro­file details):
hourly rate IT & Soft­ware:
hourly rate Cul­ture:
hourly rate Econ­omy:


basic   mother tongue   checked   sworn ?Sworn: In Ger­man courts, inter­preters must be “beei­digt, verei­digt” or “ermächtigt”, or autho­rized, an expres­sion that dif­fers accord­ing to the fed­eral state of Ger­many.
Basic hourly rate (gen­eral, see pro­file details):
hourly rate IT & Soft­ware:
hourly rate Cul­ture:
hourly rate Econ­omy:


If you can­cel after your con­fir­ma­tion and 24h before book­ing, you will receive a 2/​3 refund. For shorter term can­cel­la­tion, the book­ing is non-​​refundable. If the inter­preter is respon­si­ble for the can­cel­la­tion, you will not be charged. For the book­ing of exter­nal ser­vices such as hotel, doc­u­ment trans­la­tion or trans­fer, the can­cel­la­tion fees of the respec­tive city part­ner apply.
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The trans­la­tor /​ inter­preter

Age: 37
Mem­ber since : 02/​2018
Height (cm) : 176
Vis­i­ble tat­toos /​ pierc­ings: no
Job: Busi­ness woman
Nation­al­ity: Ger­man
Arrival: Pub­lic trans­port (35 € /​ 100 km, min­i­mum 15 €)

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K,P. at 21.08.2019:

Per­fect, we will order again.

Jirka at 23.06.2019:

Great ser­vice for Ama­zon List­ings. The qual­ity of trans­la­tion is out­stand­ing.

Oliver Schlüter at 26.11.2018:

An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich noch ein­mal her­zlich bedanken bei Frau Rit­ter — beson­ders her­vorzuheben war die Kom­mu­nika­tion im Vor­feld unseres Ter­mins. (Pro­tokol­lierung eines Kaufver­trages einer Eigen­tumswoh­nung). Frau Rit­ter hat sich nicht nur auf die ein­wand­freie Über­set­zung des Textes konzen­tri­ert, son­dern hat darüber­hin­aus auch in die The­matik ein­ge­le­sen. Die Kaufver­trag wurde let­zte Woche zur voll­sten Zufrieden­heit für alle Beteiligten pro­tokol­liert. Frau Rit­ter kann ich jed­erzeit empfehlen und komme gerne auf Ihre Dien­stleis­tung zurück.

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?“Date/​Time” is the time of your meet­ing or the lat­est dead­line for the trans­la­tion.
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