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we write SEO product description listings that sell.


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Is your Amazon listing not converting?

Increase your sales. Rank your product. Dominate your market.

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Show Case Lunchbox
Our text optimization is the first and the major step of 6 steps that ranked our Lunchbox test product and leads to 3849 % up in 30 days.

SEO analysis for title

A performing title contains SEO optimized keywords and has a remarkable competition strategy.

Selling bullet points

Bullet points with superior keywords and appealing text making your customer crave for your product.


HTML or EBC text

Attractive, relevant, eye-catching description that will make the customer press the “add to card” button.

How HEMP FOR HELP uses the SEO text optimization?

By improving the performance of the text, the company can increase its sales and expand its online market of goods and services. HEMP FOR HELP, a young startup, has hired a German native speaker at Yes Sir!® in order to develop the content for its page at amazon(.)de.

In the past two years, the startup increased its turnover to 100.000€ per month on Amazon Germany and it expanded its online sales to Amazon France, Spain, UK and US. HEMP FOR HELP has a strong focus on text optimization tools and methodologies.


450+ verified native copywriters based in all 17 Amazon marketplaces

🚀 Insider Tip

Some magic can happen by switching to a lower competitive product category.

We have monitored our Lunchbox test product based on this approach and we have achieved the batch of the Bestseller.

Safe 90% of your time ⏰ with a product commited writer

SEO service for Amazon

🎁 You will receive your delivery as a visualized Amazon product listing page.

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✔ 1 SEO title

✔ 5 bestselling SEO bullet points

✔ Appealing HTML description 500 words

✔ Analyzing competitor

✔ Analyzing competitors reviews

✔ Amazon guideline conform

✔ 7 TOP focus keywords

✔ Search terms

Still thinking?

Here are your BONUSES when purchasing our service NOW

  • FREE update e.g. best performing PPC keywords
  • 🎁 Inside information: We paid thousands of € for it and you will get it for FREE!
  • You are in direct contact with your native speaking text writer in English or the language you ordered
  • Instructions to upload or create your product listing
  • Free consulting by request – it´s a simple 6 steps plan to dominate your market

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* Source: Find reviews below

Gideon Rijnders

Company Relax

“We believe in high product quality and that is why we chose to stay with Yes Sir!® More than just translation.”

Oguzhan Albayrak


“Competent and friendly advice. Fast delivery, easy exchange of information and knowledge.”

Jirka Studnicky CZ

Hemp For Help

“We stay with Yes Sir!® for Amazon optimization since 3 years as we achieved 90% of German customers.”

Hany Edrees

Asala living

“We have 1000+ products and use the branded selling texts as well for eBay, Etsy and other online shops.”

“Nevertheless, what if I´m not satisfied?” We have performed our research on the negative feedback and reviews of our competitors based on “Amazon SEO text optimization”. By creating this excellent platform, we made possible to let your business grow with no limits on language aspects. Our committed writers are very helpful and flexible in delivering the projects assigned to them.

“Amazon translates the product descriptions free of charge, why should I order your service?”

  • Exactly, your product description is translated but does the search engine read your text and if so, does this search engine consider your text relevant to the search processes of your customer. Nice catch! No, it does not.
  • Does this text specify the confusion and the satisfaction of the real customers who can compare your product with the competitive one? No, it does not.
  • Is it branded? No, it is not. We cannot see you investing all your time and money on further steps but skipping the major first one.

“Is this according to the Amazon guidelines?” Yes, the usage of Amazon algorithm is not a bad trick for risking your sales sustainability; however, it is an unfair advantage.

“How much time do I need to get this done?” For an e.g. to have one phone call, place the order with info and paste the delivery, takes a new customer 20 minutes. But we are here to answer your questions and there is no time limit for us. Our team experienced the different categories and the marketplaces such as amazon(.)de, amazon(.)es, amazon(.)it, amazon(.)fr, amazon(.)com and amazon(.)co(.)uk. This definitely can save your time and prevent you from result-less efforts in business.

“How do you gonna do it?” You choose your marketplace at Amazon (e.g. amazon(.)de,, etc.) and we follow the specific guidelines for your marketplace. A native speaker performs the keyword research based on target audience and customer needs. Once the keywords are analyzed, the competitive feedback research will be carried out, the suggestions for the warning text will be provided and the guidelines on appropriate legislation will be specified. You will receive the new texts as a visualized Amazon product listing page, so you can copy and paste it to the seller center. Easy.

“What is your strategy?” We are picking up a native speaker from our system similar to your target audience and we are asking him/her the following question: “Would you love to write about this new product?”

🎁 Place your order – to get our 6 steps plan to sell successful on Amazon

  1. Text: SEO service for Amazon by Yes Sir!® 🕤 20 min to submit the product info, place the order and implement delivery on Amazon
  2. Image
  3. Reviews
  4. Traffic
  5. Set up PPC to learn
  6. Switch off PPC and evaluate e.g. back to step 1: Text update according to PPC learnings

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Amazon sellers rate Yes Sir!® SEO product description with 4,9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐