Yes Sir! helps clients find the right inter­preters in their area.
Doc­u­ments are trans­lated by our select part­ner, con­tracted inde­pen­dently, sav­ings of 5 – 15% plus no agency fees.




The term inter­preter is not a pro­tected job title, at Yes Sir! you will find native speak­ers with spe­cial exper­tise, inter­cul­tural medi­a­tors in the refugee move­ment, for­eign lan­guage host­esses for trade fairs, and lan­guage teach­ers for inte­gra­tion courses. Among our trained inter­preters, con­sec­u­tive inter­preters and simul­ta­ne­ous inter­preters are in the most demand. In Ger­man courts, inter­preters must be “beei­digt, verei­digt” or “ermächtigt”, or autho­rized, an expres­sion that dif­fers accord­ing to the fed­eral state of Ger­many.

  • Gen­eral inter­preters
  • For­eign lan­guages host­esses
  • Inter­cul­tural medi­a­tors
  • Whis­per­ing inter­preters
  • Notary inter­preters
  • Court inter­preters
  • Inter­preters in nego­ti­a­tions
  • TV inter­preters
  • Liai­son inter­preters
  • accom­pa­ny­ing inter­preter
  • Simul­ta­ne­ous inter­preters
  • Con­fer­ence inter­preters
  • Con­sec­u­tive inter­preters
  • Lan­guage teach­ers
  • Qual­i­fied inte­gra­tion teach­ers

Spe­cial field

You will find inter­preters skilled in spe­cific sub­ject areas, which are par­tic­u­larly rel­e­vant in busi­ness, sci­ence or tech­nol­ogy.




  • Eco­nom­ics
  • Law
  • Tech­nol­ogy
  • Med­i­cine & Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals
  • Cul­ture
  • IT & Soft­ware
  • Chem­istry
  • Indus­try
  • School

Trans­la­tors and inter­preters dif­fer in that trans­la­tors trans­late what is writ­ten and inter­preters trans­late the spo­ken word. Sign lan­guage inter­preters use ges­tures and hand sig­nals.