Interpreters and translators must be “sworn in” for court hearings or notary appointments. If no sworn interpreter is available, a suitable native speaker can be sworn in for the respective appointment.

Translators and interpreters differ in that translators translate what is written and interpreters translate the spoken word. Sign language interpreters use gestures and hand signals.

The term interpreter or translator is not a protected job title in most countries. At Yes Sir!® we use the term language expert, as you will find native speakers with special expertise.

Areas of expertise

You can find language experts in the area of expertise you are looking for using the filter on the homepage of

  • Chemistry and Industry
  • IT & Software
  • Culture
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Law
  • Language teacher
  • Technology
  • Economy

Special field

  • Intercultural mediators
  • Whispering interpreters
  • Notary interpreters
  • Court interpreters
  • Interpreters in negotiations
  • TV interpreters
  • Liaison interpreters
  • Accompanying interpreter
  • Simultaneous interpreters
  • Conference interpreters
  • Consecutive interpreters
  • Language teachers
  • Qualified integration teachers
  • Foreign languages hostesses